Narrative Conversions: a Workshop

ImageOn 2nd and 3rd June, we will be hosting a workshop on the theme of Narrative Conversions, organised in collaboration with the Early Modern Conversions project. We’ll be led in conversation by Warren Boutcher, Reader in Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary; Bronwen Wilson, Professor of Art History at UEA; and Carla Zecher, Director of Renaissance Studies and Curator of Music at the Newberry Library. Discussions will range across narrative lines (both figurative and literal), tales of musical conversion, and the transformations of translation. Participants will also be invited to discuss a small selection of pre-circulated papers, and enjoy some rapid-fire presentations from current and recent doctoral students.

The workshop will conclude with a walking tour of York, exploring its early modern conversions, and a response from Professor John Sutton, Deputy Director of the Department of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University.

For more details or to apply to participate, please contact Helen Smith ( For our formal Call for Papers, Continue reading



Conversion Narratives Walking Tour GroupThanks to everyone who braved the heat and crowds to join us for our Conversion Narratives walking tour of York yesterday. We’ll be posting up a little bit of the information from the walk on this blog over the next few weeks, so if there’s anything you’re particularly keen to hear about please do let us know. Thanks too to English Heritage for allowing us access to Clifford’s Tower, and to the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall and the Churchwarden of St-Martin-le-Grand for allowing us in to their beautiful spaces.