About Conversion Narratives

This is the blog for the AHRC-funded project, Conversion Narratives in Early Modern Europe, 1550-1700: A Cross-Confessional and Comparative Study, which ran from September 2010 until the end of August 2013. Now that the funded project has officially come to an end, we will be updating this blog less frequently, but please do check back occasionally for updates on activities and publications. We will have a series of books, articles and collections coming out over the next two or three years, and look forward to sharing more about the project’s findings.

The project team, Simon Ditchfield, Peter Mazur, Abi Shinn, and Helen Smith, aimed to uncover neglected resources, including letters, pictures, and interrogations, to shed light on the stories people told about their religious lives, and ask what religious change meant to communities and individuals, and how members of different faiths negotiated their encounters with one another in this turbulent and exciting period.