Fishy Tales, Part II: 20th Century Performance Art and a 17th Century Messiah

Sabbatai Zevi was a charismatic seventeenth-century Jewish mystic and scholar who attracted a huge following when he revealed himself as the Messiah. Although Zevi had been declaring himself the son of God for seventeen years, ever since he was twenty-one, it was only in 1665, when Nathan of Gaza confirmed Zevi’s status, that, in the […]

Fishy tales, part I

On March 21st, 1587, a Jesuit priest called Thomas Pilchard (aka Pylcher) was executed in Dorchester, in Dorset. Contemporary letters and memoirs recount a series of remarkable occurences: the rope around Pilchard’s neck broke as he was hanging (a mark, for Catholics, of divine intervention), and instead of being hung, he was stabbed and then […]

Cowboys, Conferences and Conversion: ‘Conversion Narratives’ in 2011

We’ve given a glimpse of our wordpress site stats in the previous post, but this seems as good a point as any to take a breath and think about the progress of the Conversion Narratives project. The project officially started at the beginning of September 2010, with a half-million pound grant from the Arts and […]