Cultural Encounters: Travel, Religion, and Identity in the Early Modern World

Join us in the new year for a series of public lectures exploring our research and its implications. The lectures will take place in the lovely lecture theatre of the York Medical Society, on Stonegate, and will start at 20.00. Refreshments will be provided, and all are welcome to attend. Download a copy of our poster here (pdf).


The years between 1550 and 1700 saw the birth of our modern world. The rumbling legacy of the Reformations shaped the social and political landscape of Europe, and drove evangelical missions at home and abroad. Thanks to the trading influence and military prowess of the Ottoman Empire, Europeans were confronted by strange ideas, novel societies, and unfamiliar faiths, as well as sophisticated mathematical and scientific knowledge. Voyages of business and exploration brought travellers into contact with the peoples of the Far East, South Asia, and the Americas. This lecture series will roam across early modern Europe and beyond, investigating the effects of these turbulent centuries, and their centrality to our own social and cultural inheritance. More details after the jump… Continue reading