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On a recent trip to the SAMEMES conference in Lausanne, I was delighted to be introduced to Calvinus: the drink which allows Les Frêres Papinot of Geneva to keep the traditions of Calvin alive through brewing. According to the back of my bottle (at least according to my inexpert translation), throughout 1563, Calvin used to cloister himself in his house for long hours, and the strange odours which emerged left his enemies convinced he was practising alchemy. But no! With the help of an old Trappist convert, Calvin was brewing delicious and health-giving beer, though its effects may not have been quite as medicinal as he hoped, as he died soon after, in 1564 (I’m not sure how to translate ‘crise de bile’, but it sounds painful). Now, you too can drink like Calvin, as Les Frêres Papinot have traced his researches and practices to produce some delicate and delicious beers (as I can happily attest).

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