Climbing hills and mountains: the labouring convert.

A previous blog post looked at Petrarch’s conversion experience while ascending Mount Ventoux in Provence. While Petrarch’s account of his spiritual awakening was dominated by his reading of Augustine’s Confessions I want to take a moment to think about the mountain. Continue reading

Did Christ convert?

The Magdalen Reading before 1438, Rogier van der Weyden

An earlier blog ( July 1, Conversion Problems of Definition) mentioned the wide variety of definitions of conversion that were employed by the participants in the Conversion ‘Narratives in the Early Modern World’ conference. As Abi notes, the list of suggestions give an indication of the sheer complexity of religious experience during this period. Continue reading

Cowboys, Conferences and Conversion: ‘Conversion Narratives’ in 2011

We’ve given a glimpse of our wordpress site stats in the previous post, but this seems as good a point as any to take a breath and think about the progress of the Conversion Narratives project. The project officially started at the beginning of September 2010, with a half-million pound grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. We set up our desk in the University of York’s beautiful Humanities Research Centre, got some help in establishing our website, and penned our first blog post on the 21st of September. Our two researchers, Abigail Shinn and Peter Mazur spent a couple of months getting to grips with the wider field before diving into the archives and libraries to pursue their own research — on conversion narratives in early modern England and early modern Italy respectively. Continue reading