Visualising Augustine’s Conversion on wordle

Wordle: Augustine2

I’ve just been having fun in Wordle, creating a word cloud for the moment in book 8 of Augustine’s Confessions when he rushes into the garden in Milan, picks up his book (St Pauls epistle to the Romans) and is instantly converted. Some beautiful — and telling — collisions: concupiscence and wantoness; ‘heart arose’; ‘Jesus coming’; chambering and drunkenness; ‘God’, ‘treasure’, ‘open’; rioting and weeping; and — of course! — heard and read. Click on the image above to see a larger version.

One thought on “Visualising Augustine’s Conversion on wordle

  1. What I find most interesting is the inaction suggested by the most prominent words here in contrast to the violent internal struggle described. When reading Book 8 I thought it seemed that Augustine did not convert, rather he was converted. As well, he treats the sins of his former life as the result of external forces, something which must be escaped rather than repented for.

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