CFP: Conversion narratives goes to Washington

The Conversion Narratives team, in collaboration with the Folger Shakespeare Library, invite expressions of interest from scholars who are keen to be part of a small series of panels or round table events addressing the theme of early modern conversion narratives at next year’s Renaissance Society of America conference in Washington DC.

We are particularly keen to address three related research questions that, in part, simulated this project:

How did material objects, including buildings and sacred spaces, contribute to or shape the experience of conversion?

How are issues of space and travel represented or appropriated in early modern conversion narratives?

How does the physical form of the book influence our understanding of conversion narratives? What tools can the study of circulation or reception offer to religious history or the literary ‘turn to religion’? How did the physical form of the book, or the question of ‘right reading’ influence conversion?

The deadline for panel proposals is 10th June, and our internal deadline for anyone interested in participating these discussions or in organising an affiliated panel is May 30th. Please email us on

We are keen to hear your views on what we post here. Questions and comments are very welcome. And if there's something you think we should write about, leave a comment or send us an email (

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