Researching conversion narratives

We’ve been checking our blog stats, and see that the question ‘what is a conversion narrative?‘ is one of the most popular queries that brings google users to this blog. With that in mind, we have a short bibliography on the main project website that might help others who are working in this area. We’ll be very glad of any tips for materials to add to this section, and for any comments, thoughts, or questions about how we define or categorize a conversion narrative. Our own definition is catholic (in the wide-ranging rather than the religious sense): it includes any text, or even perhaps an image or object, which explicitly describes the process or experience of conversion and has some rhetorical or narrative shaping, however subtle.

We are keen to hear your views on what we post here. Questions and comments are very welcome. And if there's something you think we should write about, leave a comment or send us an email (

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