When we first started thinking about a project on Conversion Narratives in Early Modern Europe, we knew it would be important to find ways to communicate our findings to a wider public. Now that we are up and running, we will be doing  just that, partly by developing exciting educational resources, and adding more details to the project website, but also by staging an important public exhibition in 2013-14. But while it’s one thing to tell people about the results of our research, we realised that it’s quite another to let people see what it is we do when we undertake this kind of interdisciplinary project.

This blog is designed to let the project team — Doctors Simon Ditchfield, Peter Mazur, Abi Shinn, and Helen Smith — share some of the highs and lows of undertaking research in the Arts and Humanities. We want to reveal some of the possibilities of archival research, and the excitement of discovering new or neglected sources. We want to show the process by which we consider our methodology and start to think about how we interpret our finds. And we want to provide an insight into the sometimes complicated business of organising conferences, collaborating with colleagues across the globe, developing resources, and preparing for publication and an exhibition.

We will usually update this blog around once a fortnight, and perhaps more as we organise events or reach some of our project milestones. We hope that you will check here, and on our project website, periodically, to check on our progress and learn more about the stories people told about religious experience and change in early modern Europe and beyond.